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joshua nkomo nyongolo nyongolo

Dr. Joshua Nkomo

First Zapu President (1963 - 1999)


James Chikerema

First Zapu Vice President (1963 - 1971)


Dr. Dumiso Dabengwa

(Current Zapu President)

Cde. Laura Makomva

(Current Vice Zapu President)


Exile ZAPU's Zimbabwe Community in Diaspora Displaced by the Zimbabwe Dictator


Temporary labour migration to South Africa has long been a feature of Rhodesian and then Zimbabwean society. A 2002 survey by the Southern African Migration Project show that almost 25% of adult Zimbabweans' parents or grandparents had worked in South Africa at some point in their lives.  However, permanent emigration is a relatively new phenomenon. There have been two major waves of emigration from Zimbabwe. The first was that of whites in Zimbabwe who left the country soon after independence; they were followed by black Zimbabweans beginning in the 1990s. In both cases, South Africa was again their primary destination; however, from 1994 onwards, the South African government displayed increasing hostility to skilled immigration from the rest of Africa, leading Zimbabwean emigrants to seek other pastures.

Overall statistics

It is estimated that there are millions of residents outside of Zimbabwe's borders who were either born in the country or are descended from immigrants; Many recent emigrants are illegally residing in other countries because of the fall of the standard of living and economic conditions in Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwean diaspora has a 95% literacy rate in English and a very highly educated adult population. The main languages spoken are English, Shona, and Ndebele.



joshua nkomo

Dr Joshua Nkomo
Father Zimbabwe

“I write because I feel that our country is in danger of complete disintegration, to the detriment of all its citizens now living and of generations to come,” Joshua Nkomo wrote to then Prime Minister Robert Mugabe in 1983.

Nkomo died in 1999 after a long battle with cancer. In the 1980s he spoke passionately about where he thought the wheels were coming off in newly independent Zimbabwe.

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The Zimbabwe Diaspora refers to the diaspora of immigrants from the nation of Zimbabwe left the country because the ruthless rule of Mugabe's Zanu that has destroyed the economy. 

Countries with the biggest diaspora populations include South Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the United States of America.  There is mobility within the diaspora. For example, some Zimbabweans have moved to the UK before deciding to settle in Australia.

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